Why Traveling Solo Is My Jam

We all have that one friend.  You know.. The one that takes 5 hours to get ready.  Or how about the one who is perpetually late?  Or even the one who never shows up at all and you secretly have them saved in you phone as “Flake of the Year”?

This is the reason why I travel solo.  Here are some more reasons why traveling solo is the best thing ever!

  1. You get to do things on your own timeline.  Forget about sticking to an itinerary!  Solo travel is all about enjoying the moment and being free to stay longer in a spot if you are really feeling the vibe.  This happened to me when I was in Switzerland last year.  I happened to fall in love with the country and ended up staying 2 more days than I had planned.
  2. You meet so many people (and their mom).  When you travel with someone, you generally don’t open yourself up to other people because you are so consumed with said person.  I love meeting new people and talking to them about their country.  They also great for getting advice on what to do or see next.  Sometimes, if you’re lucky, they will invite you to come stay with them for a few nights so you can save money on a room.  It is pretty incredible how open and friendly people are in other countries!
  3. You become a more confident person.  Traveling solo is not scary or dangerous like most people assume.  If you are smart about it, you will realize how confident it will make you being able to ask for help from a complete stranger or trusting your gut you are on the right train.  You will be able to do things you once thought you couldn’t do or used to be scared of.  If you can travel by yourself, you can do anything!
  4. You learn so much about yourself.  When you are traveling alone, you get to reflect on your thoughts and perhaps even think about how your perspective on things have changed.  I love bringing a travel journal with me so I can write down how I’m feeling at that moment and to remember the people I met on my incredible journey.  When I get back home, I will read through my journal and can vividly remember the day as I described it and how the trip made me feel so alive.
  5. You save money.  This is huge for me because I like to travel internationally for extended periods of time.  Saving money is important so I can spend money on experiences or food and not on tacky souvenirs or things I don’t need.  Also, there is no social pressure to spend money on things I am lukewarm about unlike if I were to travel with someone else.  Hostels and hotels can even be cheaper for solo travelers looking for a single room!

If you are still hesitant to travel solo, try going on a solo road trip to somewhere closer to you instead of another country.  You will realize it’s not as scary as you once thought and people are more willing to chat with you about your adventures.  Going to a country where no one speaks your language can be a bit intimidating but never underestimate the kindness of strangers!